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Asiahub builds better shopping experiences for Latin American consumers buying Chinese products.


I'm Melissa

They are 152+ Million savvy online shoppers that 

love Chinese goods, but limited local product 

selection and pricing due to excessive import taxes 

have shoppers turning abroad trying to buy online.

While it represents a giant commercial opportunity, localization remains the key barrier for Chinese 

merchants to enter the market.

Melissa and her family are part of a growing middle class in Latin America.

The Problem


Limited local product selection.


Pricing due to excessive import taxes.


Consumers don't trust Chinese e-commerce sites.

How it works?

Asiahub put Chinese sellers products images, price, and business name right in front of people searching on local LATAM marketplaces.

a similar product locally, we can offer you a 20%-40% 

cheaper option.

If you find

find a similar product locally, Asiahub is the best option because we offer you something no one else does.

If you can't

products are shipped directly 

from Seller to Buyer, enjoying 

tax exemptions for items up to $300* USD.

Tax Free

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